The Mission

My portrait (for those who are curious)


Welcome to Roll The Dice, a weblog created for the purpose of exploring various concepts and presumptions in the design of roleplaying games. My goal is to explore and evaluate various elements that go into Game Design, including key concepts that challenge or defend new theories.

It’s worth saying it again. This is a weblog about theoretical game design. It’s mission is to collect, evaluate, and challenge the most interesting and important theories related to game design. If I stray from this mission, please feel free to email me and get me on track.

I don’t claim credit for any of the ideas I present on this blog. Many of them are simply taken from other blogs, forums, published and non published works, or personal discussions. The ideas presented here are created by and for a community of game designers and “tweakers,” and this weblog is only one small part of that community. If the ideas on this weblog are important to you, please take the time to go through the blogroll. Those weblogs contain themes, posts, and ideas that are directly relavent to those found here, and exploring multiple perspectives can give you a complehensive understanding of both theoretical and applied Game Design by many brilliant and talented creators and thinkers.
If you have any requests for topics on this weblog, or need to contact me for whatever reason, feel free to email me at The internet being what it is, please put the words “[ROLL THE DICE]” in brackets in the subject bar of your message so that I don’t accidently delete your email.

Thank you.


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